Environment Protection Authority brochure for an India consortium

What the client thinks:

We finally got a chance to show the World Bank, IFC and Indian Government the roadmap toward the end of the trip.

It generated a lot of discussion and it worked. We have now been invited to write a Concept Paper for the Principal Secretary of the Uttar Pradesh government.

Matt Vincent
(now) Executive Director,
Dept Premier and Cabinet.

What we did:

The Victorian Environment Protection Authority was part of a consortium of Australian companies presenting a concept to the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation and the Indian Government.

What they asked for was a professionally produced but unpolished brochure that presented their case. EPA needed multiple copies that could be workshopped at the meetings in India. Unpolished because it would appear arrogant to look as if they had all the answers to India's pollution issues.

My solution was a brochure that unfolded into a visual representation of the project plan.

The oversized format made it easy to spread out across a table for group discussion. The uncoated stock was used to so it could be written on/amended during meetings.