Hello, I'm Carol Mackay.

I'm a designer / founder of a Melbourne-based design consultancy.

I like using words and images to make order out of chaos; to make the difficult easy, the complex simple and the unpalatable easier to digest.

My skill : my special power is comprehension – the ability to listen, understand the problem and then use design as a conduit between a client and their market.

My clients : I work with organisations with complex messages to deliver to their market.

My method : Like a film crew or theatre ensemble, I maintain a network of skilled individuals that collaborate to meet specific program needs. We use research, plain english language and design tools to translate slabs of text into bite-sized chunks of information that are easier to read, remember and act on.


Outside of client-driven work :

I work pro bono

I work as an external design resource with WISHIN (a service to help vulnerable women) and SecondBite (an organisation that redistributes surplus fresh food to community food programs around Australia).

I write, as a co-author of:

• a professional development weekly newsletter for designers: designbusinesscouncil.com/dmzine/

• a book detailing the what, why and how of running an Australian design studio: The business of design designbusinesscouncil.com/business-of-design/

• two websites:

annualreportbestpractice.com.au — solutions for managing annual report production

designworkexperience.com.au — making work experience easier for all


Let's talk.